'Where have you been, all my marketing life !'



Welcome to Limejuice Productions. We are a Gold Coast Based company that provides an extensive range of Creative ideas and solutions for Business Digital Marketing with a strong creative Digital Design service.



This means that we are into everything that uses digital platforms like the WEB & Social Media - to Market, Promote and Advertise your business.

Re - branding and re-inventing business marketing  remains our key goals. Our approach is a complete service that draws together all of the digital platforms for a business, one which integrates branding, image, video messages with consistency across all these platforms.



Our team includes Designers, Graphic Designers, Photographers, Videographers, Presenters/Comperes and a much wider talent pool available as support to our services. Our wide range of services is what makes us quite a unique production company that offers a great experience re-inventing your business !



Look forward to hearing from you soon










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